Remote Support


We understand in business that you are hugely reliant on your IT systems and when there’s something wrong, you need it fixing swiftly. That’s why we offer our remote service; it’s quick, efficient and cost effective. As long as you still have connection to the internet, we can solve a majority of problems within minutes of them occurring. Around 90% of our help desk queries are solved over remote sessions without an on-site visit from one of our engineers.

It is easy to use, secure and we can usually get a problem solved within 15-20 minutes on average.

All you would have to do is click our ‘Help!’ tab at the top of the page, once you are logged into our remote session we will be able to see your screen exactly as you do. Our help desk engineer will then be able to take remote control of your computer to find out exactly what is wrong and fix it from their desk cutting down the service costs. On the rare occasion you would need an on-site visit, this would be arranged right away which means you’re not waiting around to get back to business.