Smarter Mail Filtering & Backup

Mail FilterSmarter Mail Filtering & MX Backup System

Here at Goldfield we have created a all in one email filter which removes virus`s, spyware before the email reaches your own in house email system as well as the filtering element of our service it also incorporates a backup mx service which means that if you have any problems with your server or internet our mail filtering system will hold the mail for up to 7 days while your system is down.

Anti-Spam Virus Protection

Smarter Mail filter service passes all email through a multi-layered spam & virus filtering system that identifies up to 98% of inbound spam. This processing takes place outside your network, reducing your traffic and email server processing loads. Since email is blocked at the Internet gateway, users no longer have to sort through and delete spam email in their inboxes. Smarter Mail filter system achieves an extremely low false-positive rate – 1 in 250,000 messages.

How It Works

Since Smarter Mail is a fully managed service, implementation of the Anti-Spam service requires only that you sign up with Smarter Mail and then make a simple change to the DNS records for your domain. There is no interruption in your email services during the implementation period. There is no software or hardware required. Once the DNS change is made, email will start flowing through the Smarter Mail network where each message is inspected by our multi-layered spam filters. Clean email is delivered to your email server, and spam is tagged or quarantined, depending on your preferences. Spam is no longer stored on your corporate network.


Multi-Layered Protection: Multiple spam-fighting technologies. Grey Listing to block spam ‘bots and zombies Zero hour virus scanning Blacklists of known spammers. Spam fingerprint databases. Lexical analysis to identify common spam words or phrases. Bayesian filtering. Distributed traffic pattern analysis identifies new spam. White and Blacklists let you adjust scores, depending on the sender. Multiple spam processing options give you flexibility. Quarantine: spam is stored in the Smarter Mail Server for 90 days. Subject line rewriting: prepending of a word or phrase and the SpamScore into the message’s Subject line. Custom header lines are added to each message so you can select your own criteria for filtering. Domain-wide or individual white and blacklists let you block or allow specific addresses. Compatible with all email systems – regardless of platform or underlying operating system. Implementation takes only minutes and is risk-free. 99.999% uptime guarantee.


Risk-free implementation. Filtering and blocking begin once you make the DNS change. Increased employee productivity. No more daily deletions of unwanted email. Reduced risk from valuable, critical mail messages being missed or overlooked due to a high volume of spam. Reduced company liability from offensive emails. Increased server and network efficiency. Unwanted content is removed before it reaches your network. Solution does not require you to update servers or desktops. Frees up valuable IT resources. Requires no hardware or software.