Virtual Cloud Servers

Interested in adding a server to your IT infrastructure? Rather than investing in physical hardware, why not consider spreading the cost with a hosted version.

We know how important it is that all of your employees are able to access files and folders remotely, and that all of these files are protected and secure, as well as being readily available and easy to access.

As a result, we provide the secure Virtual Server that provides file sharing and storage for businesses, and can be successfully accessed both online and offline thanks to the Server synching with local storage. It offers a whole range of benefits, including continuous file back-up and storage, and provides simple file sharing and mobile access, so is ideal if your company’s files need to be available to business partners, administrators, in-house employees and remote employees.

It also reduces the necessity of sharing files via e-mail, as it can be used to transfer files of any size; all users will be able to upload and download all the files they need directly from the Hybrid Cloud Server, ensuring flexible access.
If you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact.