Off Site Managed Backup

Off Site Managed Backup Services Leeds

Backup and Disaster Recovery for Business

Data is the life blood of business. Its safety is the difference between success or failure.
Secure offsite online data backup is a fundamental requirement as part of a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

At Goldfield Computing we take data backup extremely seriously, we are continuously working to ensure our customers data is secure and most importantly fully recoverable should the situation arise where the data backed up is needed.

Why Choose off site / cloud backup services?

On-line / off site backup services for SME`s are the most cost effective solution available to protect you critical business data.

Goldfield endeavours to keep things as easy and cost effective as possible.

We have no setup fees, you just pay for the data you back up.

Our service is fully automated but is also monitored by our staff ensuring your data is safe and secure.

Backup any files or folders, SQL database and Exchange down to mailbox level.

If at some stage the client requires any data restoring Goldfield can provide this at no extra charge within a reasonable time scale, depending on amount of data requested.

Features of Off site backup

  • Completely Automatic
  • Off site
  • Secure Encrypted Storage
  • Fast restore

On Line / Off site Backup Security

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